Stack the Deck for Parent Success with a one-on-one session!

If you have no time for parent coaching, reading parenting guides or attending parent classes, use The Parent Deck to bring out the best in yourself and your child!

A compliment to The Parent Decsk are Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome chapter book series!

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Individual Cards: 88
Language: English
Canvas Draw-String Bag: Included

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A compliment to The Parent Deck are Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome chapter book series!

Read More: Overview Details About J&J Adventure Stories…

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1.25 x 3.25 x 6 in


  1. Dona Rudderow Sturn

    The cards are a dynamic tool that allow unique insight into the parent child relationship. The Parent Deck not only provides perspective it becomes a mantra that creates the best parent and the best child.”

    — John Mecholsky

    “I love my “Parent Deck”! The cards remind you what is important in your family and helps you prioritize things to work on together to encourage a healthy, supportive relationship.”

    — Kim Bonelli

    “The Parent Deck is a valuable resource that has helped both my husband and me bring reflection, focus and intention to our parenting. It is remarkable how performing this exercise for just 15 minutes brought us clarity and became the conduit for improvements as parents.”

    — Lauren

    “The Parent Deck has truly been a positive experience for my husband and me. We have self-discovered ways to instill happiness in the greater things in life; our family. Our struggles with life events and work now seem manageable as we continue to work through our Parent Deck.”

    — Stacy Martin

    “With the help of The Parent Deck I have become aware of my reactions to certain situations. This awareness has helped me be mindful and intentional with my actions. It has helped me be my authentic self, one who deals with situations with patience and compassion. It’s a simple but powerful tool that really helps you think about things you are good at as well as things you can improve on as a parent.”

    — Shannon Crosley

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