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JNP Sack Pack Kit

$80.60 $69.95

Get Kids Empowered! with our Sack Pack Kit
[An $80.00+ Value!]


This eight-piece kit was created with your child in mind. Not only will the sack pack hold all of our products but is great to take along to sporting events, school, or after school events. Just fill the water bottles and add any extras you may need, and you are ready to go!

With your Sack Pack, your kit will include:
• 3 Books (Prequel, Truth, Kindness)
• 2 Water Bottles
• 1 Magnet
• 1 iron-on Circle of Power patch

Product Description

A fantastic collection of empowerment tools you will definitely want to have for your children!

• Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome: The Journey Begins (printed softback book)
• Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome TRUTH (printed softback book)
• Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome KINDNESS (printed softback book)
• Blue Water Bottle: slogan — 
The World Needs You! Own It.™
• Orange Water Bottle: slogan —  I Am. I Can. I Will. Empowered
• Magnet: I Am. I Can. I Will. Empowered
• Circle of Power Iron-On Patch (bag not included)


Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 11 x 6 in


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