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 From the Founder: The JNP (Jane NOT Plain) Project’s Journey…

DonaRudderowSturn-Headshot-2014Thanks for stopping by!

Hello! I’m Dona Rudderow Sturn, the founder and CEO of The JNP Project. I hope you enjoy my blog: my journey as I am building this new brand, and the paths The JNP Project leads us on, together…

If you find any particular topic of interest and would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact me! I look forward to global discussions on business and building kids’  inner awesome (healthy self-esteem) by nurturing character, courage, and confidence in kids 5-12+!




  • #13: Networking—Meet ‘Your’ Business Professionals Do you just go out and collect business cards? Do you just ‘shake hands’ and say hello? Do you just need a social environment to mingle? OR, do you go out with the intent to meet certain people in certain professions that can assist you/your business to grow and help them as well? Read More
  • #12: Binder-It-Up! The KEY to organization is outstanding management—BINDER-It-UP! for each subject. Read More
  • #11: HOW MANY TEAMS DOES IT TAKE TO BUILD A START UP? Based on my Business Plan (yes, get your BP in order!) I needed a full-circle of professional talent to support the goals of getting JNP to market. Not only my professional background has given me the skills to fill a lot of the spots on the Teams, but also the fact that we developed a round ... Read More
  • #10: Assembling A Writing Team… A “Team” of Writers. Writers. Creatives with strong ethos, pathos and logos. Visionaries. Published Children’s Book Authors. Chapter book writers. Collaborators. Team players. Male and female. Passionate. Ethical and loyal. International. This was my list of must-haves for The JNP Project’s creative writing team. The JNP Advisory Committee had already directed me down the path to create chapter books as ... Read More
  • #9: What are we selling? ­­A chapter-book series… oh, but much more than just a series of stories. Adventure stories that could entertain, enlighten and shed colorful light onto the wonderful inner awesome that is within each of us. Fun for kids, and adults too, I needed to develop a full-circle of stories that had meaning, a lesson, and rewards ... Read More
  • #8: Chapter Books. Not Storybooks! The original story was just that, a simple story—a storybook (for young girls). My initial idea was to build off of the base storyline plot, and develop a new series for boys and girls using the same format— a single storybook series. Simple. I researched local writers of children’s books; published authors who wrote for ... Read More
  • #7: ADVISORY COMMITTEE—A Must-Have!! An Advisory Committee Validates Your Overall Brand. Period. Building an Advisory Committee is KEY to getting the “right” direction and the “professional opinions” based on your Business Plan, and your desired results for the organizations’ success. Thinking carefully about an advisory committee’s purpose will ensure that it will be structured to maximize its contribution to ... Read More
  • #6: A Temporary Website—FREE! We all know a website presence is mandatory for businesses today. The cost can be free, to up to tens-of-thousands of dollars per site, based on the complexity and interactivity of the site. I started The JNP Project’s initial site for FREE. The JNP brand was intended to be a digital business, therefore; an interactive website ... Read More
  • #5: A Business Plan Really Makes You Think: What? Who? Why? How? The process was painful, and in the end, I got to “know” my business. What I wanted it to do, and a path to start down to get there. Read More
  • #4: How To PITCH A New Business Here is what the experience left me with: • an initial review of where my business was, and how to make it a viable start up • a critique of my some-what business plan (they offered to assist me to tighten it up) • a viable report of professional business people’s opinions of my presentation and product • the ... Read More